Cap Adresse

French software publisher, specializing in:

Customer data quality - Database rentals and enrichment

Cap Adresse in few words

Cap Adresse, a major player in the customer data management market, designs, develops and markets innovative solutions that address all the challenges of customer contact details (postal addresses, emails, telephone numbers, etc.) in France and Worldwide.

Our solutions enable the company's business departments (marketing, sales, e-business, IT, etc.) to hold reliable data to optimise their marketing work and maintain the link with their customers.


We are always eager to listen to our customers and meet their needs; we support you from needs analysis, to define the most suitable solutions for your situation, to integration of our software applications in your environment.

The goal is to ensure the effectiveness of your project by overcoming all obstacles to success!

Our values

  • Flexibility
  • Proactivity
  • Proximity
  • Advice

Cap Adresse, the customer data expert

Joining Cap Adresse means getting involved in the development of a major player specializing in customer data management, now experiencing steady and sustained growth in its market. It is also an opportunity to work in a high-level technological environment, while constantly moving forward.

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