Estocade / Charade

Use of the Charade and Estocade applications to identify people who have moved / purchase of new addresses


Some figures :

  • On average, 6 million French people move every year, especially during July and August.
  • 80% of them pay for a Post Office redirection service to forward their mail to the new address.
  • Keeping an existing customer costs a company 4 to 5 times less than acquiring a new one: so it pays to stay in touch!

To avoid significant rates of “Mail undeliverable” and “Not known at this address” following a house move, Cap Adresse offers a house movers’ processing service for your Estocade / Charade file.

Services offered by Cap Adresse:

  • Estocade processing: This identifies Mail undeliverable and Not known at this address due to a house move.
  • Charade processing: This identifies the addresses of individuals who have moved and provides their new address.


  • Limits losses: reduces the costs of lack of quality due to high numbers of failed deliveries (undeliverable / not known).
  • Optimised marketing campaigns through increased conversion rates.
  • Maintains a lasting relationship with your customers.

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