Processing hardbounces

Reactivation of your emails considered hardbounces by your dispatcher


Your deliverability rates depend on the quality of your email address database. Hardbounces (invalid emails) have a major effect on your reputation with ISPs, your performance indicators and therefore on the success of your emailing campaigns.

To maintain the quality of your email address database, Cap Adresse has developed a service that filters and corrects your hardbounces; 10 to 15% of emails considered hardbounces by your dispatcher will be reactivated through our service.


  • Step one: Processing the emails database

    The principle of the service is analysis and correction of your email address databases.

    The Cap EMAIL BATCH tool analyses structure / syntax, checks for the existence of the domain name and identifies email addresses that can be removed, blacklisted (e.g., etc.

  • Step two: Database mailing

    Following the processing, mailing from your database uses a dedicated IP address, as yet unused, to avoid impacting on your IP address.

  • Step three: Results of the campaign

    Once you have mailed to all of your contacts, Cap Adresse performs a statistical assessment by listing the email addresses that have been delivered, softbounces, openers, clickers, unsubscribed and complaints.


  • Maintains IP address reputation by mailing to valid email addresses
  • Optimises marketing campaigns through increased deliverability rates
  • Restores contact with your customers through this communication channel

Preventive solution for emails

CAP EMAIL for assisted data entry and verification of the email address before it is recorded in the database

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