Deletion and merging of duplicates


CAP DEDUP is used to identify and merge your duplicates in the database through block-level (operation on a single file) and / or file-level (operation on several files) deduplication:

The different types of processing offered by CAP DEDUP:

  • HOUSEHOLD: Groups all members of a single household.
  • INDIVIDUAL: Groups all similar individuals.
  • COMPANY NAME: Groups all similar company names.
  • COMPANY NAME PLUS CONTACTS: Groups all similar individuals from the same company.


  • Financial savings: a single send per target, fewer manual database updates.
  • Enhanced company image: customers / prospects approached once only during marketing campaigns.
  • No loss of information following file-level / block-level deduplication operations.
  • Optimisation of your MDM design thanks to qualified and standardised data.


Cap DEDUP can be used in the following modes:

  • SERVICE on receipt of the address files.
  • SAAS: Automated processing chain hosted by Cap Adresse.
  • LICENCE: Software installed directly on our customers’ equipment.

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