Correction and standardisation of address databases SNA certified software since 2017


Cap RNVP is a "corrective" software which is used for postal address Restructuring, Normalize and Validation in your Postal address databases:

  • Restructuring: Identify each element of the address to position it in the matching field
  • Standardisation: Delete all punctuation, capitalize address lines, etc.
  • Validation: Compare the address against the LA POSTE geographical referencing system


  • Enhance the efficacy of marketing operations by identifying correct, contentious and incorrect addresses
  • Optimise geomarketing analyses by assigning :
  • Maximise duplicate search rates by working with a structured and standardised database
  • Mitigate road name changes: In France, about 200 000 roads are renamed / deleted every year


Cap RNVP can be used in the following modes:

  • SERVICE on receipt of the address files
  • SAAS: Automated processing chain hosted by Cap Adresse
  • LICENCE: Software installed directly on our customers’ equipment

For further information and to arrange a Cap RNVP, contact our team on +33 1 84 17 99 99.

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