Correction of first names and titles


Cap CIVILITÉ BATCH is used to restructure and standardise the first line of the address before formatting it, on exit, to the postal standard:

  • Identification of the first name / surname and their positions in the appropriate fields
  • Correction or assignment of the appropriate title for the first name
  • Specific processing routines for family names: Martin Jean Baptiste becomes M. Jean-Baptiste MARTIN
  • Detection of non-recipient information
  • Splitting of the Surname / First Name line into two fields: Surname + First name


  • Optimised file-level / block-level deduplication processing with a structured database
  • Targeted marketing campaigns: Masculine / Feminine


Cap CIVILITÉ BATCH can be used in the following modes:

  • SERVICE on receipt of the files
  • SAAS: Automated processing chain hosted by Cap Adresse
  • LICENCE: Software installed directly on our customers’ equipment

For further information and to arrange a Cap CIVILITÉ BATCH demo, contact our team on +33 1 84 17 99 99.

Solution préventive pour le prénom et le nom

CAP NAME pour assister l’utilisateur lors de la saisie du prénom et du nom

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