Cap Risk Batch

Identify in real time people that are politically exposed (pep) and/or for which an assets freeze was issued


Financial organisms (bank, insurance, cooperative, credit, games, …) have the obligation to identify in database two categories of people:

  • Politically exposed people « PEP » that hold or have held an important public position since less than one year.
  • People or legal entities subject to assets freeze sanctions that cause an incapacity to use their accounts and capitals.

In order to do this, Cap Adresse has taken CAP RISK BATCH solution up to treat in database by way of a specific platform to identify PEP and Assets Freeze with logging management.

How it works

CAP ADRESSE proposes an automated processing line using the CAP DEDUP solution to identify similarities between the database and the Assets Freeze / PEP files.

A logging management would be also proposed in the form of an option so that an identified person during the first treatment won’t be proposed once again.

Architecture in hosted mode



  • A concrete and operational answer to consolidate your AML/CTF system
  • Optimise your treatment, save time
  • Reduce your regulatory risk and your reputation risk

Additional solution to identify pep & ASSETS FREEZE IN BATCH MODE

Treament of databases by way of a specific platform to identify PEP & Assets Freeze with logging management

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