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Help entering and verifying email addresses in their entirety
Email recency check


Cap EMAIL is a module providing assisted data entry, real-time syntax validation and full email address checking prior to database entry.

Cap EMAIL specific features: Interaction with the user through clear and precise messages displayed in real time, blacklist management, identification of emails for deletion, etc.

CAP EMAIL can detect in a real time search if an email address is still stimulate and delivers the using frequencie on different channels such as : web, shop, mobile.


  • Suggestion of user names based on what has been entered in the surname / first name fields
  • Real time address syntax validation
  • Suggestion of nearly 40,000 domain names among top ISPs and large companies displayed by country weighting
  • Domain name and email server check
  • Check for the existence of the email in its entirety


  • About 77% gain in email address data entry time
  • Quality of emails stored in the database
  • Optimisation of marketing campaigns by increasing the deliverability rate and reducing hardbounce rates
  • IP address reputation by mailing to valid email addresses

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Corrective solution for emails

CAP EMAIL BATCH to correct your email address databases

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