Cap Address

Help entering and verifying postal addresses in France and abroad (240 countries)


To qualify postal addresses in France and abroad (240 countries), Cap Adresse offers the following modules:

  • Cap LINE: Help entering postal addresses on a single line
  • Cap SAISIE: Help entering postal addresses in several fields
  • Cap VERIF: Real time address verification

Objectives: Creation of a reliable, standardised address as it is entered, in accordance with the expected standards of the different postal organisations.

Specific features: Search using all the words forming the road in phonetics, abbreviations, dyslexia management, etc.

Assisted postal address data entry

The Cap LINE and Cap SAISIE autocomplete software tools help the user with postal address data entry. These modules offer a gain of about 80% when entering an address and improve user experience in any medium (web form, mobile, tablet, CRM / ERP, cash register software, etc.).


Cap VERIF is SNA-certified and is used to check data flows from agencies, websites, etc. The user enters all the information about the address in the form and then validates the information entered. Web services are called to verify, restructure and standardise the address (RNVP).

More about the postal address

Certification - French postal standards - The 6 golden rules for writing a postal address

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