Cap Phone

Standardisation and verification of land line and mobile numbers (155 countries)
Phone number recency check


A single telephone number has several formats (international, national) and several outward codes depending on the country / region from which the call is made.

Cap PHONE is used to standardise and adapt landline and mobile telephone numbers to one of the two formats in order to improve database quality. This module also checks for the existence of french and international mobile phone numbers.

CAP PHONE can detect in a real time search if a phone number is still stimulate and delivers the using frequency on different channels such as : web, shop, mobile.

How it works

The user enters his/her telephone number and the associated country in the form and then validates the entry.

A call is made to Cap PHONE to check the match between the telephone number and the country, restructure the syntax of the number (spaces, hyphens, groupings of numbers ...) and adapt the telephone number to the chosen format (national or international) before storing it in the database.

When a mobile number is validated, Cap PHONE informs the user whether not the line is still active.


  • Standardisation of telephone number formats
  • Optimisation of your SMS campaigns

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Corrective solution for telephone numbers

CAP PHONE BATCH to standardise and adapt the telephone numbers in your database

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