Cap B2B

Enrichment of company details (siret code, naf code, sic code…)


Cap B2B is a tool to improve the efficiency of company information data entry (address, SIRET, NAF Code, workforce size, etc.) while ensuring the validity of the data stored in the database.

Cap B2B is based on the INSEE reference data files in partnership with the company HBS RESEARCH.

How it works

Cap B2B has two search engines:

  • Data entry help: display of suggestions during data entry.
  • Search during validation: enables free entry; the form is completed automatically during validation or suggestions are displayed for the user.


  • Less time spent entering business contact information.
  • Mistakes and typos avoided in information belonging to the company...

Cap B2B demo

Vidéo Cap B2B

Additional solution for your B2B data

SIRET MANAGEMENT service to correct and enrich your B2B databases (SIRET number, employees, NAF Code, etc.)

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