Assignment of INSEE grid data for accurate division of the territory


Used in the field of geomarketing, gridding is a new method for sub-dividing the country into regular grids, square in shape and of fixed size (2.3 million squares measuring 200m x 200m) which are used to obtain sociodemographic information that is much more granular and representative of the population (France, Martinique and Réunion).

How it works

Cap Adresse uses its postal address management solutions to supply data to identify the square to which the address being processed belongs.

Statistical data from the different population censuses and INSEE surveys are then retrieved: number of individuals, size of households, information on the dwelling, age groups, number of owners / tenants, tax income, etc.).


  • Optimise the segmentation of your database
  • Improve your customer knowledge by establishing large families (typologies)
  • Adopt fine-grained and targeted marketing / sales strategies by disseminating bespoke offers matching the profile

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