Rental / enrichment of postal addresses

Address rentals / Enrichment of your database with missing postal addresses


Cap Adresse has established a pooled database of 31,000,000 postal addresses so that its customers can:

  • Rent a file to conquer a new target
  • Enrich their database with missing postal addresses on existing contacts


Rental: Following the transmission of a brief containing the selection elements, Cap Adresse counts the number of lines that can be mailed. Deduplication will also be performed between:

  • The customer database (to recover only unique records)
  • The Estocade file (to exclude movers)
  • The Robinson list (to remove people not wishing to be solicited by mail).

Enrichment: First, Cap Adresse conducts an audit to evaluate the ROI for this service.

Based on the surname, first name, email address and telephone number, the pooled database and the customer data base are compared to find the missing postal address. Deduplication will be performed between the same exclusion files as the rental.

Implementing the rental and enrichment of postal addresses

  • File resulting from counting or auditing

  • Comparison with: Customer database Estocade file
    Robinson file

  • Transmission of the contact details of the third party dispatcher managing your mailing

  • Delivery of the file by FTPS return

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