IRIS - Socioprofessional categories

Enrichment of sociodemographic data
(level of wealth, type of majority's activities...)


IRIS – Ilots Regroupés pour l'Information Statistique (Aggregated Units for Statistical Information) – refer to the subdivision of France by INSEE.

Cap Adresse has developed new functionality for the assignment of sociodemographic data from your postal addresses with a breakdown on 27 profiles:

  • In batch mode, information is retrieved during processing on an address file
  • In real time, when creating or updating a customer record, sociodemographic data are assigned automatically during validation of a postal address via different media (POS software, websites, CRM, mobile applications, etc.)

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  • Optimise the segmentation of your database
  • Improve your customer knowledge by establishing large families (typologies)
  • Adopt targeted marketing / sales strategies by disseminating bespoke offers matching the profile

IRIS - Socioprofessional categories demo

Vidéo IRIS - Socioprofessional categories

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