Assignment of XY coordinates in 3 formats (WSG, Lambert II, Lambert 93)


Cap Adresse has developed GEOCODING functionality for allocation of the X coordinates (longitude) and Y coordinates (latitude) through our postal address management solutions:

  • In batch mode , information is retrieved during processing on an address file.
  • In real time, when creating or updating a customer record, the XY coordinates are assigned automatically during validation of a postal address via different media (POS software, websites, CRM, mobile applications, etc.).

Information retrieved by the solution:

  • IRIS code
  • XY coordinates of the street number in 3 formats (WSG, Lambert II, Lambert 93)
  • 4-Level accuracy:
    • Exact street number
    • Approximate street number
    • Street centroid
    • Town centroid

For further information on our GEOCODING, contact our sales team on +33 1 84 17 99 99 or through our contact form.


  • Identify the potential of your market by defining the areas to be conquered and areas of significant cannibalising
  • Adapt your marketing and communication operations based on the distance between your customers and your location
  • Make travel to your customers / prospects profitable by using the precise geographical location of your contacts

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