Target group proposal

Add to your database with missing data for communicating with new potential targets


A target group proposal is an operation involving a comparison between the customer database and third party files in order to perform a marketing operation (postal / email / sms) on the identified unique records.

Cap Adresse acts as a trusted third party. It is the customer that chooses its partners and defines the search rules for unique records, ranks*, etc.

Cap Adresse can also assist the customer to find and make contact with partners that can respond to the need.


  • Communicate with a new potential target and raise awareness of your brand / products.
  • Find new data as part of a launch of a new service, activity, etc.


The customer sends Cap Adresse an Excel file with all partners + the ranks* assigned to each.

Cap Adresse grants the customer and partners access to the secure FTP server for file uploads.

Implementation of a target group proposal to obtain postal addresses

* The rank determines the partner files to be prioritized if a record is found in several files.

** Services provided by Cap Adresse:

CAP RNVP: Correction and standardisation of postal addresses

CAP DEDUP: Deletion and merging of duplicates

ESTOCADE: Identification of people who have moved

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